Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto- Biography

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto is an assistant dean at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. The LBJ School of Government is a graduate school of the University of Texas at Austin. The institution provides education in the areas of public policy analysis and administration. Students interested in government programs and public affairs will find a home at the university. Victoria is a student at the University of Texas at Austin. Victoria presents herself as a Political Scientist and Public Policy specialist on her LinkedIn profile. Her work is related to the integration of academic and non-academic domains on a single platform. She focuses on synthesizing knowledge that is relevant to students, opinion leaders, and the broader public.

What is the Net Worth of Victoria DeFrancesco Soto? Salary, Earnings

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto is an award-winning personality who has worked hard and accomplished a great deal in both her professional and personal life. She has been a role model for many ladies and young people out there. Her net pay, according to sources, is somewhere around $60,000. She has also been on programs such as “Now with Alex Wagner,” “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and others.

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Victoria was born on April 28, 1983, in Arizona. Soto received her education from well-known and well-recognized universities in the area. She has appeared frequently at universities such as the University of Michigan, Stanford University, the University of Arizona, and Duke University. Victoria’s education began at the University of Michigan, where she enrolled in the ICPSR summer program. In 1996, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and Latin American studies. Victoria graduated with a B.A. in 2000.

From 2000 to 2003, she earned her M.A. in Political Science at Duke University. She studied many disciplines at university, with a concentration on behavior, political psychology, campaigns, elections, and race and ethnicity in American politics. Her subject of research was also related to secondary education in Latin American comparative politics. From 2000 until 2007, Victoria pursued a Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke University. The subjects of the study were the same as those of her M.A. education.

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto- Relationship, Married Life

Ms. Victoria Soto is married to Neftali Javier Garcia, a caring and gorgeous man. He is currently the attorney and vice president of Governmental Affairs. He has worked in political law and worldwide public affairs for over 20 years, which is a long history of working in such capacities. The couple has four children together. Furthermore, there is no other information available about their marriage or how they met.

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto’s Professional Career

Ms. Victoria Soto began her professional career at Northwestern University, where she spent at least four years. She worked at the Institute for Policy Research as an assistant professor and fellow. She later worked as a policy research fellow from 2007 to 2011. During her stay at Northwestern University, she dedicated her position and time to the effort of establishing and teaching American Politics courses with an emphasis on race and ethnic politics. She worked at the undergraduate and graduate levels while teaching American Politics to a class of over 200 students. She held the job of Latino Decisions for Director of Communications from 2011 to 2012. Her responsibilities included the management and promotion of the firm’s brand. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto also developed relationships with both new and traditional media outlets in both English and Spanish.

She assisted the clients in becoming acquainted with Latino Decisions. She was involved in the designs and implementations of data analysts. Victoria has also made significant contributions to other positions, such as Jane Hurte. Adjunct professor and fellow at the Center for Politics and Governance, University of Texas adjunct professor, Director of Community Reach at the University of Texas Center for Mexican American Studies, MSNBC contributor, Director of Civic Engagement, and University Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin She is currently the LBJ School of Public Affairs’ assistant dean of civic engagement.

Recent Developments

The University of Arkansas system’s President, Dr. Donald Bobbitt, proclaimed or announced on September 7, 2021, that they are willing to post Ms. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto for the job of dean at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. Ms. Victoria was slated to be the school’s next dean once the current dean, Rutherford, departed on June 30, 2021. Later, on September 16-17, the recommendation was given at a meeting of the UA Board of Trustees. She was set to start her new job as dean on January 3, 2022. However, no additional information about the same post has been released.


  • Diverse Magazine named Trivia Victoria one of the greatest scholars.
  • Ms. Victoria believes herself to be stubborn and hardworking in her professional life.
  • Victoria is bilingual (English and Spanish).
  • She was a member of the student council in middle school and then the student body president in high school.

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