Tulip Victoria: Who Is She? What You Need to Know About Tiny Tim’s Daughter

Tulip Victoria, whose name does not appear on Wikipedia, is the late Tiny Tim’s daughter. We’ve written about her in the article below.

Tulip is the daughter of the despised Tiny Tim, better known as Herbert Buckingham Khoury. Despite his three marriages, she is Tim’s sole daughter or kid; despite his three marriages, he has no offspring other than Tulip.

Tulip Victoria, Tiny Tim’s daughter, has a Wikipedia page and a biography

Tulip’s biography is not available on the official Wikipedia. Tulip is married, but no information is accessible about it. William Ervin Stewart is the name of her husband.

Tulip Khaury Stewart is her married name. Tulip is a mother of three, according to an AP wire article published in the Titusville Herald in 1997. She currently resides in New Castle, Pennsylvania, with her spouse.

Tulip Victoria’s Net Worth Has Been Revealed

Tulip’s net worth is currently being calculated. Because she is not interacting with the media, no information about her property or worth is available. Her money source is likewise unknown.

Tulip Victoria’s Age: How Old Is She? Age Researched

Tulip is now 50 years old. She was born in 1971 and celebrated her birthday every year on May 10th. Tulip Khaury is her given name.

Tiny Tim, her father, was married three times and had one daughter from the first marriage. Tim and her mother, Victoria Budinger, popularly known as “Miss Vicki,” gave birth to her.

Tim married Budinger on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on December 17, 1969, in front of 40 million viewers. Budinger gave birth to their daughter Tulip Victoria in 1971.

Three years later, Tiny Tim and Victoria Budinger separated. Budinger married multiple times after that. Her father died of a heart attack on November 30, 1996.

You may find her on Instagram

Tulip does not have an Instagram account.

Not only does she not have an Instagram account, but she also does not have an official account on any other social networking platform.

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