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Tammi Menendez – Biography

Tammi Menendez is the wife of Erik Menendez, who is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of release for first-degree murder and conspiracy to murder his parents. She and Erik married in a Folsom State Prison waiting room, and their wedding cake was a Twinkie.

What is the Net Worth of Tammi Menendez? Salary, Earnings

When Jose, Erik’s father, was murdered by his sons, whose property was to be automatically inherited by both of them, his net worth was $14 million. The money spent on legal cases, as well as expenses incurred while in prison and other fees, was successfully wasted throughout their time in prison.

Tammi Menendez has not revealed her income source, personal worth, or financial sources. She also doesn’t provide any reliable information about her monthly salary. Tammi, on the other hand, was a successful entrepreneur before marrying Erik, and she wrote a book that can be a source of money for her.

Tammi Menendez- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Parents

According to sources, she was 37 years old when she married Erik for the second time, while Erik was 28. As a result, Tammi is currently 61 years old. Tammi’s early life is unknown, although her full name before marriage was Tammi Ruth Saccoman, which she acquired from her former marriage to Chuck Saccoman. There are no data about Tammi’s educational background. She even self-published a book titled They Said We’d Never Make It – My Life with Erik Menéndez in 2005, in which she claimed Erik contributed as well. The book details her experience and friendship with Erik, as well as how the two of them were emotionally bonded.

Quick Facts

Real Name  Tammi Ruth Saccoman
Birth Place Hibbing, Minnesota
Age 61 Years
Husband Erik Menendez
Children One (Talia Menendez)

Tammi Menendez- Relationship, Married Life, Husband

She watched Erik and Lyle’s trial on television in 1993 and immediately felt empathy for Erik, to the point where she mailed messages to him. Tammi was married to Chuck Saccoman, a successful real estate developer, at the time. The couple and their adolescent daughter lived in Minnesota. In 1999, she married Erik after Chuck committed suicide. Talia, her 9-month-old daughter, was born at the time of their marriage.

The Aftermath of the Incident

Tammi and Erik’s love progressed only after her previous husband committed suicide. Erik and Tammi married on June 12, 1999, while Erik was still in prison. Tammi has been raising her daughter without Erik since then. “Something I’ve dreamed about for a long time,” she said of her connection with Erik. And it’s simply something amazing that I never imagined I’d have.”

Tammi has been in numerous periodicals and news outlets, including ABC News, People, and Larry King Live, and has even contributed to a documentary about the Menendez brothers. Erik’s bond with her has been regarded as an emotional one. Every weekend, she and her daughter drive 150 miles to see him, and her daughter refers to Erik as “Earth Dad.”

Both brothers are currently serving 31 years in prison and were only reunited in April 2018 at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego. Both of them had been communicating via letters up until that point. Mrs. Menendez is a documentary about Tammi, and in 2017, A&E aired a five-part documentary titled The Menendez Killings: Erik Tells All, in which Erik describes the murders and their aftermath over the phone.

Social Media Details

She has a 3k-follower Instagram account.


  • Tammi Menendez is the wife of Erik Menendez, a convicted murderer.
  • Tammi Ruth Saccoman was her name before she married.
  • She has a 3k-follower Instagram account.
  • Talia, Erik’s daughter, also manages an official account for him.
  • Erik has been incarcerated for over 30 years.

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