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Is 69 Still Alive or Dead? Age and Net Worth of Rapper 6ix9ine

Is 69 alive or dead? The speculations regarding rapper 6ix9ine’s death stunned fans until it was revealed that it was all a scam.

Celebrities are frequently the victims of such death hoaxes, and it appears that the hip-hop sensation was the latest victim. Netizens were mourning the death of rapper 69 in 2020 on the Internet.

Is 69 Still Alive or Dead?

Rapper Tekashi69, who was the subject of a death hoax, is alive and well. The suspicions started after Daniel Hernandez was found unconscious as a result of a caffeine overdose and Hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement. His 14-year-old lover saw him asleep on the floor and was unable to rouse him; as a result, he was pronounced dead at the site, resulting in the death reports.

His other pals corroborated rumors that he was knocked out as a result of an overdose and excessive use of weight loss products. DJ Akademiks claimed that he had been concerned about his weight for a long time and had been putting himself through strict diets and fitness routines.

He used to spend his days eating salads and limes and working out at the gym. He also drank too much caffeine, which caused him to sweat, and he used those slimming pills, which caused him to be hospitalized.

The DJ also added that he is merely a young man who became wealthy and famous overnight and has no idea what to do with it, which has led to him drinking and eating whatever. Akademiks, on the other hand, had no idea who had informed him that he was overweight.

Furthermore, because he had been silent on social media for some time following the poor sales of his new record, many people felt the story was real. Some even believed he had committed suicide. The musician, on the other hand, returned to the Internet to refute the allegations around him.

What is his age? Learn about his age

As of 2021, the musician is 25 years old. On May 8, 1996, he was born in New York, New York, USA.

Gummo was a sleeper smash with his debut song, and all of his subsequent songs gained in popularity, becoming huge singles.

Investigated Net Worth

His net worth is currently believed to be $8 million. Despite the legal issues, he has been popular among his fans for his songs and has had several hits.

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