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Genie Exum

Genie Exum- Biography

Genie Exum is an Instagram personality who has amassed a large number of followers as a result of her reputation as a drama queen. She has been accused of stabbing her partner after an argument on October 18, 2021. According to the prosecution in court, the case was violent, which led to Exum being charged with second-degree assault. On Instagram, she has about 34,000 followers. She defines herself as a 22-year-old “fairy” and “magician” in her universe.

Genie Exum- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

She was born in New York City on December 11, 1998, and presently resides in Alabama. When it comes to her parents, we only know that her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Genie grew up in New York with her brothers and relatives, and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Quick Facts

Real Name Genie Exum
Birth Date December 11, 1998
Age (as of 2021) 22 Years
Birth Place New York City, USA
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Influencer
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Sagittarius


Frances Amor, also known as “Baby Boy Pajules” on social media, has been identified as Exum’s partner. Exum has over 30,000 Instagram followers and appears to have acquired a large audience due to her semi-naked videos and postings. Following an investigation, the boyfriend admitted that he had a disagreement with Exum, as a result of which she reportedly stabbed him in the arm and back with a kitchen knife. He has been admitted to the hospital and is presently in stable condition. Exum, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with stabbing her boyfriend.

According to Exum’s lawyer, “she revealed to me that he was not stabbed” and that he only needed a few stitches. According to the message, the boyfriend is suffering from wounds on his back and arm. He staggered into the foyer of Exum’s opulent Hudson Yards apartment, where one of the doormen observed him bleeding and blood on the floor. He instantly dialed 911 and informed the police detectives of the situation.


Genie Exum was previously embroiled in a scandal a month earlier when she shared a photo of herself with her breasts exposed in front of a New York police patrol with the caption “Caption this.” The model was released without bond after being arrested. The judge has imposed a non-contact order in her name, preventing her from speaking with Amor. Exum, on the other hand, shared a photo of herself on social media with the statement, “They arrested me and locked me in, and they won’t let me out.” Following the completion of the proceedings and police investigations, Exum took to social media and posted an image in which she appeared to smile while being interrogated. The police have conceded to the victim’s mistreatment and have stated that the boyfriend is still healing and will be released soon.

Exum, on the other hand, was released without bail and the judge emphasized her lack of a criminal past. Her next court appearance is scheduled for December 1, 2021. Meanwhile, it appears that Exum is utilizing her court appearance as a marketing tool. She began posting a picture of herself on the OnlyFans account, along with a message that reads, “Subscribe to my OnlyFans!” The post also described her lawyer as saying that the victim is an older guy who is significantly heavier than Ms. Exum and does not want the case to proceed.

Social Media Details

According to her social media sites and media posts, Genie Exum looks to be from Alabama. On Twitter, she has nearly 23,000 followers, with a one-line description that reads, “Yes to Everything You’re Already Thinking.” She has an older Instagram photo in which she appears with her real name, “Genie Exum.” The page also verifies that she was living on her own in Camarillo, California. The lawyer went on to say that she was a high school graduate who had to discontinue her education due to the pandemic. She also has a Facebook page that was created in 2012 and has about 182,000 likes on OnlyFans, where she states in her bio that she is 21 years old and a free spirit from Alabama with a loud voice and dirty mind.

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