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Gary Poste- Biography

Gary Francis Poste was a California man who was dubbed the “Zodiac Killer.” The “Case Breakers” are a group of 40 detectives and professionals who have given him this moniker. The case-breaking team discovered that the Zodiac Killer murdered five of his primary victims. His DNA had been saved in order to present the team evidence that further shows that the 18-year-old girl killed by the Zodiac Killer was one of the victims. Gary Poste is accused of murdering more than ten Californians in the 1970s, and it is still being debated whether he should be considered one of the key killers in all of the crimes to which he has been linked. The case breakers also include journalists, military investigators, and former officers who have all volunteered their time to help with the investigation.

Gary Poste- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Gary Francis Poste was born in 1938, and according to his web data, he used to live in Groveland, California and was involved in the painting business. In terms of his personal life, he was a married man, but the name of his wife and children is unknown. Gary was one of the most enigmatic and heinous serial killers that stalked the San Francisco area in the 1960s. The serial killer has been linked to five fatalities, and the case-breaking team believes he is responsible for the sixth. The Zodiac is said to have killed many more people than anyone could have guessed.

Quick Facts

Real Name Gary Francis Poste
Birth Date 1938
Death 2018
Age (at the time of death) 80 Years
Native Groveland, California, USA
Nationality American
Profession Painting Business
Religion Christianity
Sun sign

Mysterious Zodiac Killer

Many people have come and tried to decode the cypher and identity throughout the years, but officials have not confirmed whether Poste is the main killer behind all the mishaps and have given him the moniker “Zodiac Killer.” Many suspect identities have been linked to the “Zodiac Killer.” In 2020, one of the cryptic messages deciphered by another team stated, “I know you would have a lot of fun capturing me, but I am not terrified of the gas chambers.” The case-breaking team felt Poste murdered a lady named Cheri Jo Bates, but police officials disagree.

The team has also confirmed that Poste murdered a lady named Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, California, but police officials do not believe he did so. According to a news statement from Case Breakers, an elite CSI team discovered hairs in the fist of a teen student who was slain half a century ago. The specialists are convinced that the evidence relates to the recently discovered “Zodiac Killer.” He is thought to be a psychopath who murdered more than ten California residents between 1962 and 1970. According to experts, after finding the body of the woman Cheri Jo Bates on October 30, 1966, they dutifully reserved the hair, skin, and blood found in the victim’s fingernails.

Official Statement

The nocturnal attack, according to officials, inflicted 42 stab wounds on the woman’s torso, which was “nearly decollated.” According to the announcement, RPD officers stated on September 29th that they are 100 percent certain that Cheri Jo Bates was slain by someone other than Zodiac. However, the agency declined to allow basic DNA comparisons with Gary F. Poste’s sequence, which they now believe is very significant evidence in the case. The DNA of Poste has been reserved, and the case-breaking team expects to share the results with RPD, including the secured DNA evidence from the suspect’s side who suffered till death.

The department’s current police commander has refused to consider the famed killer, despite the fact that the FBI identified Cheri Jo Bates as the 6th victim he attempted to murder in 1975. The RPD crew chose to disregard the apparent nearly fifty-five years ago, despite the fact that comparing Poste’s DNA took several minutes. According to officials, there is hope that the other department will find a daring approach to act against the murderer. Bates was presumed to be 18 years old when she died on the Riverside City College Campus.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Gary Poste stands 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. Furthermore, he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Social Media Details

Gary Poste does not have an official presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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