Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Ellen Hamilton Latzen-Biography

Ellen Hamilton Latzen was born in the United States of America on July 26, 1980, and is an actress best known for her work as a youngster in the films “Fatal Attraction” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” She worked on television shows and films until she was in her adolescence when she decided to stop performing.

Latzen’s Net worth

Hamilton Latzen’s net worth is projected to be over $900,000 as of early 2020, achieved via success in her many activities. While she did earn some money from performing, she then explored other occupations to gain expertise before returning to the entertainment sector.

Early Years and the Beginnings of a Career

Ellen was raised in the United States and is the daughter of a web designer. Her parents split when she was young, and she grew up with her mother and an older sister. When she was six years old, a casting call for an untitled film was issued, searching for females ages six to eight. Thousands of females auditioned, and while she wasn’t initially interested in acting, she gave it a shot and was cast in the role.

The film turned out to be “Fatal Attraction,” in which she co-starred with stars Michael Douglas and Anne Archer as their character’s daughter.

The film was released in 1987 and is based on the seven-year-old short film “Diversion.” It tells the story of a married guy who has an affair with a woman who becomes infatuated with him because she does not want his marriage to end and was a box office success, becoming the second highest-grossing film of the year and earning several Academy Award nominations.

Other Projects and the National Lampoon
More chances came up for Latzen as a result of her work in “Fatal Attraction.”

She starred in the film “Mr. North,” which is based on Thornton Wilder’s novel “Theophilus North,” set in the 1920s and starring Anthony Edwards, and follows the eponymous character as he navigates a wealthy neighborhood amidst allegations about him that threaten to damage his relationships.

She landed another major role in 1989 when she was cast in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” the third installment in the series. The film is based on the short tale “Christmas ’59,” which first appeared in the magazine “National Lampoon.” The film, which starred Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, and Beverly D’Angelo, was a success and is now regarded as a classic Christmas picture.

It is the only sequel with a continuation film, however, its sequel did not perform as well as the original, being released primarily on television.

Acting Career Ending

Ellen Hamilton’s ability to mix acting employment and schoolwork became more challenging as she approached her adolescence. During the 1990s, she worked on a few small cinema productions before relocating to New York to attend a boarding school. Her profession came to a halt when she left home, and she has not returned to it since. Some magazines approached her about a possible return to acting while she remained silent, but she indicated indifference in continuing in the business, preferring to keep it closed.

She relocated to San Francisco after graduating from high school to attend the California College of Arts.

The school has a long history, having been founded during the height of the arts and crafts movement. She didn’t have a clear career path after graduating from there, so she worked in a variety of areas, first in travel and hospitality, then in advertising and publishing. During her youth, she even worked for a couple of start-ups. She eventually realized she was still very interested in entertainment, and although if she is no longer an actress, she wanted to keep linked to her roots.

Recent Projects & Child Stars

Ellen eventually returned to Los Angeles, California, with the aim of pursuing other entertainment-related pursuits. She began to work more in the background, eventually becoming the producer of a few independent productions. Ellen began a podcast on her experiences as a child actor and worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names at the time. She also contributed to the creation of the show “Watched,” which examines what goes on behind the scenes in the life of child performers.

Due to a variety of causes, it is common for child performers to struggle with the transition from child to adult roles.

Acting may be a stressful vocation, and troubles they had as children may discourage them from pursuing their early enthusiasm. Other young performers get typecast, or their present appearance no longer fits what most projects are seeking. She confessed that she wasn’t the conventional kid placed in films in the first place, which limited her possibilities beyond her first few movies. As adults, many child stars face difficulties with addiction or mental health, as evidenced by names like Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan, which typically stem from troubles they experienced with their parents when they were younger.

Ellen Hamilton Latzen Personal Existence

There hasn’t been any information regarding Ellen Hamilton’s romantic relationships, so it’s unclear whether she’s married or has children. Some believe she already has a family, but this has never been confirmed. In 2016, she drew some notice when she re-met Michael Douglas at an event hosted by the Motion Picture and Television Fund. He shared a photo of them together on social media, which received a lot of favorable feedback. This was their first time together since working on “Fatal Attraction.”

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