Drake’s Girlfriend, Dad, Sister and Mom
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Drake is a Canadian rapper, producer and songwriter with multiple award-winning, record-breaking albums. From 2016 he was the number one musical act in the world and broke the record for most weeks at the top of the Billboard Artist 100 by one man. To make matters worse, he remained number one on the list for 12 consecutive weeks.

The rapper first gained recognition as an actor in the drama series Degrassi. After that, be began to pursue his passion for a rapper in 2006 by releasing his first mixtape Room for Improvement.

Since then, the rapper has continued to consolidate his share of the hip hop community, the rapper comes in fifth place in the Forbes Five: Hip hop’s wealthiest artists, with an estimated net worth of $60 million that has knocked 50 cents off his place.

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Drizzy Drake, as the rapper usually calls himself, was born in Canada and comes from the family of Aubury Graham, a drummer, and Sandi Graham, an English teacher, and florist. After the divorce of his parents, the artist spent most of his growing up with his mother, an incident he refers to in some of his songs.

As a highly commercialized artist, he has received support from industry leaders such as Jay-z, Kanye West, and Lil-Wayne. The artist has not only worked with some of the top rappers in the industry, but also with several top singers such as Rihanna, with whom he has had a relationship over the years.

Drake’s Girlfriend

The music man has had quite a few girlfriends. The rapper has been fixed up with different girls at different times and has never had a consistent/long-term girlfriend in public. In 2015, images whirled around the rapper and the international sensation Serena Williams, who won a tournament at that moment.

He referenced her on his track “Worst Behavior”, but then the lady’s husband is known for referencing his mistresses on some of his tracks. He was also pictured cheering for Serena at her games. After that, the artist was associated with the younger model Hailey Baldwin.

But like most of his many romances, it was short-lived, as he moved on to another well-known star – Rihanna. Drake and Rihanna were friends, enemies, collaborators, friends again, and then lovers, the world got to see snippets of their recurring romance through social media and tabloids.

This is a couple that fans have wanted to see officially for so long. Firstly, they are one of the most stylish couples in the industry and secondly, they are at the top of their game when it comes to music. Their fans had hoped that they would be the young and hip Beyonce and Jay-Z.

We have seen their undeniable chemistry through their various collaborations such as “What’s My Name” ” Work” “Take Care” and “Too Good”, which were all top chart hits. It is obvious that these two together are a hit combination.

Rumors say that he always loved her and never stopped loving her and that it was Rihanna who didn’t want to take anything seriously.

Well, things seem to be going great between the duo, the two were seen together many times during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, where Drake declared his love for Rihanna to the world by saying, “She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old. Fingers crossed that this time around this duo stick.

Drake’s Dad

Dennis Graham is the father of the rapper and was often mentioned in some of his songs like “0 to 100” and “Look What You’ve Done”. Dennis Graham is an American drummer, so we can see where Drake got his musical talent from.

After the end of their marriage (Drake’s mother and father) Dennis left the family and went back to Memphis, where he originally came from. Dennis continued to make music and used the fame of his son to create his track “Drake’s Dad”. He also released an RnB track called “Kinda Crazy”.

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Drake’s Sister

There are no confirmed rumors that Drake has a sister. However, there is some speculation that the rapper has a half-sister on his father’s side.

Not only does he sometimes mention his “sister” in some of his songs, he sometimes posts pictures of a woman named Raemiah Julianna, whom he refers to as his sister.

Drake’s Mom

Sandi Graham is a Jewish-Canadian florist and English teacher and also Drake’s biological mother. After the divorce between her and Drake’s father, she went on the raise and became Drake’s sole provider. The rapper and his mother have a close relationship and he often calls her his heroine.

You have to watch the artist. The family-oriented man has won the hearts of millions of people in just a few years in the business. With hard work and his fresh and authentic sound, he has definitely earned his place at the top.